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June 3 & 4, 2023

Charleston, SC

Charleston's Premier Youth Lacrosse Tournament!

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Carolina Park Rec Fields

1620 Ben Marino Way

Mount Pleasant, CS 29466

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2024: Rising 12th Graders

2025: Rising 11th Graders

2026: Rising 10th Graders

2027: Rising 9th Graders

2028: Rising 8th Graders

2029: Rising 7th Graders

2030: Rising 6th Graders

2031: Rising 5th Graders

2032/2033: Rising 3rd and 4th Graders


Carolina Park Rec Fields

1620 Recreation Way

Mount Pleasant, SC 29466


  • Block scheduling 

  • Minimum 4 games

  • Championship format

  • Centralized information tent

  • Field Coordinators on every field 

  • Certified Athletic Trainers on-site


$1,600 Per Team




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All youth divisions will use US Lacrosse / NFHS rules with the following modifications:

●  Games will be 22 minute running time halves with a 5-minute halftime. Games will start on time with a universal horn and will not stop under any circumstance except an extended injury timeout. It will then be referee discretion to add up to 4 minutes to the end of the game time but no more than that.

●  Teams will have 0 timeouts.

●  Standard ball advancement rules will be applied to all divisions. Please note this includes 7v7.

●  Games can end in a tie during pool play. During playoff bracket play teams will play 5 minute sudden-victory overtime periods until a goal is scored.

●  In the event of a tie in standings, seeds for bracket play will be determined by the following tiebreaker:

(1) Record, (2) head-to-head, (3) goals allowed, (4) goal differential, (5) goals scored, (6) coin toss.

Note: Goal differential is a maximum of 7 in any given game when used towards tie-breaker seeding.

●  At the conclusion of the game a coach from each team must sign off on the scoresheet confirming the score of the game. Any score discrepancies should be addressed at that time with a tournament field manager, game officials, and head coach from both teams. Once the score has been signed off on by both teams and submitted to the score table no further score adjustments will be made.

●  Players are to play on one team in one division, unless receiving prior approval from Directors. All teams must submit roster and waiver information prior to the start of their first game. Teams using players from other teams within the same age bracket will be disqualified without refund.

●  CHECKING. All legal stick & body checks are permitted. All stick checks must be executed with proper intent of contact with the ball carriers stick and or gloves.

●  NO TAKE-OUT CHECKS ARE PERMITTED BY ANY PLAYER AT ANY AGE LEVEL. A take-out check is defined as: Anybody checks considered more aggressive or more physical than necessary to stop the advancement of the player carrying the ball or to keep or move a player away from a loose ball. This includes but is not limited to: (i) any check in which a player makes contact with sufficient force and intent to knock down the opposing player; (ii) any check in which a player makes contact with sufficient force and intent to injure the opposing player; and (iii) any check made in a reckless or intimidating manner. Anybody check on a player in a defenseless position. This includes but is not limited to: (i) body checking a player from his “blind side”; (ii) body checking a player who has his head down in an attempt to play a loose ball; and (iii) body checking a player whose head is turned away to receive a pass, even if that player turns toward the contact immediately before the body check.

●  Excessive physical play, fighting, foul language, excessive “trash talk,” and disrespect toward players, referees, coaches, or parents by any players, coaches, or parents will not be tolerated. Tournament directors will handle situations on a case by case basis in consultation with referees and reserve the right to remove any player, coach, or fan from the event without refund.

●  In the event of weather conditions or any other circumstances that prevent the continuation of tournament game play or shorten the available timeframe to play, the tournament directors will post either a modified schedule of game times or post a cancellation of the remainder of the event. Tournament directors will use playoff bracket tie-breaker rules when applicable to determine champions in each age division if enough games have been played to reach a playoff. All effort will be made to remain on schedule or to offer abbreviated games. If playoff games are reached, no refund policy will apply. If a playoff is not reached, the posted tournament refund policy will apply and the tournament directors will be in touch directly with team representatives.

9U\2032+ Division – Specific Modifications:

●  No long poles (42” maximum) at the 9U\2032+ division

●  No Body Checks are allowed at the 9U\2032+ division, per US Lacrosse.

●  7v7 Games will be played in a 2-2-2 format. Each team will have 2 attack, 2 midfielders, and 2 defenders plus 1 goalie.

●  You must keep two players on your offensive half and three players on your defensive half to be onsides.

●  Penalties will result in a one whistle fast break. The player will start with the ball at the midline and remaining players will be 5 yards behind. A whistle will start the fast-break and play will resume from that point.

●  There will be a face-off to start the game, half, and after a goal. For the face-off the wing midfielder must have a foot touching the sideline, and attack and defensive players must be behind goal line extended. On the whistle all players are released and free to compete for the groundball. Defensive/offensive players do not have to wait at GLE for a "release" call.

10U\2031 Division – Specific Modifications:

●  Modified Stick length allowed (54”maximum) at 10U\2031 division.

●  No Body Checks are allowed at the 10U\2031 division, per US Lacrosse.

●  No coaches are permitted on the field except when called on by the referee to address an injury; coaches must remain in the coaches area at all times.

●  Penalties will be assessed as a one-whistle fast break. The midfielder with the ball will get a 5 yard head start from the midline, and all remaining midfielders must be behind the midfield line until play resumes. The offending player must be substituted off of the field and cannot immediately return. The referee is permitted to send an offending player off the field if he returns immediately. Substitutions do not apply to the goalies unless the referee deems the actions as unsportsmanlike.

●  In the event that a goal is scored during a flag down situation, a fast break will still be given if the resulting penalty is a personal foul. If the goal wipes off the penalty (eg. An off-sides) a face-off will ensue.

●  In the event of multiple personal fouls a team will be rewarded multiple fast breaks. The first fast break will end once the ball hits the ground or ten seconds has passed. The teams will then reset for a second fast break. Multiple procedural fouls, such as two players off-sides, will result in a single fast break.

11U\2030-14U\2028 Divisions – Specific Modifications:

●  Long sticks are permitted in these divisions.

●  Penalties will be time serving and equivalent length. The penalty time will start when the referee resumes play providing that the penalized player takes a knee in the box area. (Example: a 1-minute penalty will conclude when 1 minute of game play has elapsed and a goal has not been scored).

●  In the event of a goalie penalty in a situation where a team does not have a back-up goalie ready to play, an on-field attackmen will be selected by the officials to serve the penalty. However if the officials determine the goalie’s actions as unsportsmanlike, a substitution request can then be made at the officials discretion.

Player Participation Waiver & Proof of Age:

●  All participants must submit an online waiver to compete in the event.

●  Age & Profile Information must match Team Rosters submitted by each coach prior to tournament play.

●  A player may only participate on 1 team, unless prior approval by Directors

(example: a 2029 goalie playing in both the 2029 and 2028 divisions)

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